Sometimes we don’t realize how very special they are until a tragedy brings them into focus. 

In the past few years, I have experienced this “treasure chest” of memories several times over, and am so thankful to have them, both the good and the bad, for they all are part of what we had, and have helped pattern our lives. We spend our lives making memories of all kinds. Some more special than others and make us happier, but we have them all. 

Whether we remember things from growing up or the joy and delight of a recent trip or experience, memories can be the greatest treasure and comfort. When times get hard it is comforting to pull strength from those special memories and maybe even divert our attention for a while with more pleasant thoughts. 
That is what I hope our families can feel from the wishes we grant. That they are the treasured memories that will bring them lasting joy and comfort as they remember them over the years.

I would like to think that maybe the memories help to give them some strength to make it through another day. ‘The clouds will come, the wind will blow, and the sun will shine,’ and while we may not be able to keep the clouds away, maybe our wishes give a little bit of sunshine along the way.

– Miss Heidi